Friday, 3 May 2013

Honey & The Moon EDP by TokyoMilk

Honey is such a delicious scent. When I started looking for perfumes featuring this note - one name that came up quite frequently was TokyoMilk's No. 10 perfume - Honey & The Moon.

Here's what TokyoMilk has to say about Honey & The Moon:

"A decidedly different collection of brilliantly paired fragrance notes housed in an alluring glass bottle decorated with Summer's buzzing bee."

Notes: Sweet Honey, Sugared Violet, Jasmine & Sandalwood

Honey & The Moon
Honey & The Moon has such a cute & unusual name, and a very interesting scent.

I found this perfume at David Jones & my first impression wasn't the best - I thought it smelt like sugary honey & smouldering burnt cardboard & plastic. That made me recoil a little. Granted, it was straight from the bottle & I should know better than to base my impression on the scent from a nozzle but a tester was not available (more about that later).

I put it back on the shelf & continued browsing, forgetting about Honey & The Moon.

A few weeks down the track I saw the bottle again, and decided to buy it - sort of a blind buy as I had not tried it on my skin.

So, I took it home & wore it the next day. I'm very glad I got it as it's amazingly goooood.


At first spray you get the sugary sweet honey. I feel that the honey very realistic, and seems similar to the honey note in L'Occitane's discontinued Honey & Vanilla. Soon after comes the sandalwood which combines with the honey to give it that burnt smell - however on the skin it's more of a sugary toffee smoky wood type vibe than burning cardboard.

The Violet gives the scent a tiny flowery twist which softens the edge of the honey & sandalwood, whereas the Jasmine gives it an sharp indolic twist. The jasmine seems similar to the jasmine in Lush's Lust fragrance. I love that these notes are so well blended yet you can still detect each of them separately. This shows a very well made fragrance.

I have to say Honey & The Moon is a little strange. In a good way! I wondered if the strangeness would mean people wouldn't like it? I didn't wonder for long as my SO (significant other) gave a rare compliment it as soon as I put it on (what's that smell???? I like that one!) & the first time I wore this in public I got a compliment within 5 minutes. Win!

I think Honey & The Moon is best worn in Autumn/Winter & Spring. I've been wearing it on crisp Autumn Sydney days & it's been absolutely perfect.


The longevity for Honey & The Moon is great - it lasts from morning till evening. I would say about a 8 hour wear. I think the sandalwood has a large part in the longevity.


Honey & The Moon - such a beautiful bottle.
The design of the bottle is definitely one of the drawcards of TokyoMilk fragrances. It's a simple, classy & artistic design. The label from the front is quite basic - brown with the name, & number of the fragrance/brand. When you turn the bottle around you are greeted by art on the reverse of the label through the perfume & bottle - a beautiful honey bee. It makes you want to display it "backwards". Each TokyoMilk perfume has a different picture, depending on the scent.

The nozzle sprays a very good amount of product & doesn't seem to stick, and does not feel flimsy.

Honey & The Moon is only available in a 30ml bottle, which is a little sad because it's so small (petite?). I do wish it came in a bigger size. I love my 100ml bottles as I can spray to my hearts content.

No Box?

One thing I found unusual when I purchased TokyoMilk is the lack of a box. I guess boxes are not so important however when I bought my bottle of Honey & The Moon most of the bottles had been used as "testers" by people browsing the range. I realise that it is too tempting for people to try the scents if the bottle is in front of them, especially if there is no real tester. Not good for people who want to buy the fragrance as it immediately becomes used. I guess this is an issue for the retailer to make sure they have testers available for use, & to keep the new bottles out of reach.


Honey & The Moon is comforting, weird, different, unique. Everything I look for in a fragrance. I can definitely say that this scent is slowly creeping into my favourites list. It's so comforting & unusual. I love it!

I have since bought the Honey & The Moon shea butter lotion to layer with the scent - it's beautiful, as well as the Honey & The Moon candle which I have yet to use.

If you like honey & sandalwood you need to try Honey & The Moon. I do recommend that you try it on your skin first - especially if you don't like indolic/sharp Jasmine notes as this type can be one that some people don't like.

TokyoMilk is such an interesting line, I can't wait to try more, especially the Dark Collection.

Bottle: 8/10 Beautiful design. Wish it came in a bigger size!
Season: Autumn/Winter/Spring
Cost: $49AU/30ml
Blind Buy Rating: Success! (Well it was sort of a blind buy - only sniffed from the bottle)
Longevity: 7/10
Would I repurchase?: Yes!
My overall rating: 9/10

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