Thursday, 9 May 2013

Vengeance Extreme by Juliette Has A Gun

I first tried Juliette Has A Gun (JHAG) fragrances a few months ago at a boutique. I had heard of the brand but never seen the bottles in person or tried the scents. JHAG seems to be everywhere now so it's easier to find & try. Although I was tempted I decided to include it in a Luckyscent haul to try it out on my skin for a few days first.

Here's what JHAG has to say about Vengeance Extreme;

Photo from
Vengeance Extrême is a chypre fragrance which draws its intensity from an unusual dosage of Patchouli, Bulgarian Rose and Vanilla. A trail suggesting an evident sensuality, with a zest of provocation. Not to be left in innocent hands...

Perfume Notes:

Patchouli, Bulgarian rose, Vanilla from Madagascar


Vengeance Extreme is a simple, sexy scent. At first spray it is quite strong & very perfumey although it settles down within a few moments. I love the patchouli in this one - at first it seems to be quite fresh & bright - it soon turns slightly dark.

My favourite part of  Vengeance Extreme is the vanilla. It's so very smooth, like a delicately whipped chantilly cream. It's a change from the super sweet vanillas I usually go for. The rose in Vengeance Extreme is more of a background scent here, blending with the patchouli. It is quite a comforting scent & Vengeance Extreme would work in Spring but would be perfect for Autumn or Winter.

When I first wore it, all day I knew that I had smelt something similar before, but I couldn't place it. Then I realised it reminds me a little of one of my favourite orientals - Joop! Femme which is much cheaper & I enjoy it a lot more. Sorry VE!


I can't say much about the bottle as I have a sample however from looking at it at the store I find it quite elegant & unique. The face that it's dark/covered is great as it will protect the perfume inside from light, but I'm not sure how easy it would be to feel how much is left for those who own a bottle.


I find that fragrances with patchouli last quite well, and this is no exception. Longevity is about 5-6 hours on me. It gradually fades to become a skin scent for the last couple of hours.


Vengeance Extreme is a beautiful fragrance but unfortunately I don't find it to be unique enough to spring for a full bottle, especially at $200. I will finish my sample!

Reminds me of: Joop! Femme

•    Bottle: N/A
•    Season: Autumn, Winter, Spring
•    Cost: $4/1ml at Luckyscent, $208 at David Jones
•    Blind Buy Rating: N/A
•    Longevity: Good
•    My overall rating: 5.5/10

Friday, 3 May 2013

Honey & The Moon EDP by TokyoMilk

Honey is such a delicious scent. When I started looking for perfumes featuring this note - one name that came up quite frequently was TokyoMilk's No. 10 perfume - Honey & The Moon.

Here's what TokyoMilk has to say about Honey & The Moon:

"A decidedly different collection of brilliantly paired fragrance notes housed in an alluring glass bottle decorated with Summer's buzzing bee."

Notes: Sweet Honey, Sugared Violet, Jasmine & Sandalwood

Honey & The Moon
Honey & The Moon has such a cute & unusual name, and a very interesting scent.

I found this perfume at David Jones & my first impression wasn't the best - I thought it smelt like sugary honey & smouldering burnt cardboard & plastic. That made me recoil a little. Granted, it was straight from the bottle & I should know better than to base my impression on the scent from a nozzle but a tester was not available (more about that later).

I put it back on the shelf & continued browsing, forgetting about Honey & The Moon.

A few weeks down the track I saw the bottle again, and decided to buy it - sort of a blind buy as I had not tried it on my skin.

So, I took it home & wore it the next day. I'm very glad I got it as it's amazingly goooood.