Saturday, 27 April 2013

Montale & Comptour Sud Pacifique - 7 Vial Sampler Extravaganza from Europerfumes!

I've received a box of sample goodness from Europerfumes!

I've been loving samples lately, especially Montale which has lead to a few full bottle purchases. I wish I found this brand a long time ago as I'm loving the quality & longevity. You MUST sample though, they're too expensive to blind buy!

I was just about to pull the trigger on another Montale sample purchase at Luckyscent when I found Europerfume's 7 vial sample packs.

I like Luckyscent, I find their sample vials a lot easier to use than The Perfumed Court however the carded Montale sample vials are even easier to open & use and last for quite a few wears which lets you really get to know a scent. Important if you're considering a full bottle purchase. Sometimes Luckyscent will send carded Montale sample vials for one or two scents but they are usually their own vials with a wand & label.

So, when I saw that Europerfumes were offering carded Montale samples I knew I had to order from them. A 7 vial sampler pack costs $10US per pack making each sample $1.42US. Bargain!

They also offer $10 off a full bottle purchase if you buy their sample pack. They seem to have a good selection of Montale too. My full bottle Montale collection has grown over the last few months & I can see it getting even bigger

So, I decided to partake in a 7 Vial Sampler Extravaganza!

Europerfumes offer a few different sampler packs with groups of perfumes, eg the Montale samples are in groups named woods & musks, roses & flowers & aoud for example. How do you choose between the Samplers? Well, I couldn't so I got them all, even the mens pack. I also decided whilst I was at it, I may as well include the Comptour Sud Pacifique 7 vial Sampler pack too.
As I already have a few of the samples/full bottles) getting these packs means I have a few doubles (& triples) however I figured that I can just use them when travelling, or give them to friends/family to try.

I was very happy with Europerfumes customer service. They were very helpful, friendly, answered all of my questions promptly & went out of their way. The packaging & postage was reasonable & very quick too.

The only small negative about the experience was that instead of Aoud Leather, they sent Aoud Moon (in the Mens Sampler) without letting me know. I was looking forward to trying Aoud Leather after reading some reviews and already had a sample of Aoud Moon. :( Oh well.

Opening each carton I got a small whiff of the scented goodness inside. The musks smell amazing, the aouds are ever intriguing & the mens samples smell great - especially Woods + Spices. The Comptour Sud Pacifique samples smell so sweet. I have a couple of them already, so it will be great to smell more of the range.

I've already started to use them. I'm a little overwhelmed with the choice! It's like being a kid in a candy store!

Here's what I got;

Comptoir Sud Pacifique 7 Vial Sampler
Comptoir Sud Pacifique 7 Vial Sampler

Vanille Abricot
Vanille Coco
Vanille Extreme
Amour de Cacao
Coco Extreme
Aqua Motu
Aloha Tiare
Fruits & Vanillas 7 Vial Sampler
Montale - Fruits & Vanillas 7 Vial Sampler

Soleil de Capri
Blue Amber
Chocolate Greedy
Vanille Absolu
Fruits of the Musk
Wild Pears

Montale - Woods & Musks 7 Vial Sampler
Montale - Woods & Musks 7 Vial Sampler

Fruits of the Musk
Musk to Musk
White Musk
Black Musk
Patchoulli Leaves
Full Incense
Roses Musk

Montale - Roses & Flowers 7 Vial Sampler

Montale - Roses & Flowers 7 Vial Sampler

Deep Rose
Roses Elixir
Intense Tiare
Velvet Flowers
Roses Musk

Montale - Aoud 7 Vial Sampler
Montale - Aoud 7 Vial Sampler

Dark Aoud
Red Aoud
Aoud Velvet
Aoud Rose Petals
White Aoud
Aoud Forest
Black Aoud
Montale - Men 7 Vial Sampler
Montale - Men 7 Vial Sampler
Red Vetiver
Woods + Spices
Embruns D'Essaquira
Aoud Moon (instead of Aoud Leather)
Aoud Forest
Fougeres Marines

Cost: $10US/per box of 7 samples.
Postage: $5/pack to Australia (I paid $20 all up as I purchased all the Montale packs), Fast international post
Customer Service: Friendly, prompt helpful
Negatives: Aoud Leather was replaced with Aoud Moon without notice.
Recommended? Yes, especially if you want to try Montale fragrances.


  1. Hi there, I have just started a new business, offering decanted perfume sample sizes in 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 5ml & 10ml. I am based in Western Australia and I have about 300 perfumes in stock at present. My website is It would be great if you could come in and have a look around. Perhaps give me some helpful feedback. Regards, Melissa

  2. Hi Dear,
    Thanks for sharing the info
    Could you tell me how much time did it take to reach at ur address..
    and also was curious to know whether is it sprayer or how it was?

  3. Hi Gaurav, as far as I remember it took about 2 weeks to get from the US to Australia. The package arrived when I wasn't expecting it. Hope that helps :)

  4. This company is wonderful. I ordered a set of sample vials to choose from & one of them arrived shattered. I emailed asking for a replacement of the broken vial and they responded within 2 minutes saying they were sending a new one. That is top notch customer service.

    1. That is definitely wonderful Anna, thanks for sharing! :) It's good for people to know who the good companies are so they get more orders.

  5. Nevermind. They never sent the replacement and now they're ignoring my emails about it. I guess they don't have such great customer service after all. I definitely won't be buying any full sized bottles from them.

  6. Oh no Anna :( Hopefully they are just really busy & will get back to you soon!

  7. Hello

    Was it $10.00 per set of 7 samples at Euro Perfumes or $10.00 for as many set of 7 samples by Montale?. $10.00 is a very good price for 7 samples, now days. I want to try Montale Café Intense....didn't see it in the list on their web site. Montale quality is awesome, I bought one from FragranceNet.