Monday, 22 November 2010

Honeysuckle by Demeter

I was first introduced to Demeter online & decided to try & find a store that stocked this brand to test. Gee it was REALLY hard to find these colognes in Sydney, but I tracked them down to an obscure pharmacy in a shopping mall.

It was a lot of fun testing these fragrances, they have scents such as Thunderstorm (imagine how the air smells after a thunderstorm! It smells like that!), Dirt (smells just like dirt!), Kalhua (the drink), Vanilla Cake Batter (Mmmmm!) & Sex On The Beach (ummm - well smells like neither sex or the beach but its a pretty scent!).

Although intrigued, I decided not to buy any of them as they were quite expensive for a novelty cologne. Colognes are known not to last long - they are below EDT (Eau de Toilette) in the fragrance pecking order, so they were definitely not worth the price they asked for. I'm guessing other people decided the same thing, because the next time I went to that mall (for other reasons) they were no longer stocked.

Fast forward a few months!

I saw Demeter Honeysuckle online for quite a good price & had been lemming a Jasmine or Honeysuckle scent, so I read a lot of reviews, most seemed positive & purchased it unsniffed - I like a gamble! I was also impressed how they pulled off the Thunderstorm & Dirt colognes so I assumed Honeysuckle would be a cinch for them.

Finally it arrived! I was excited to get this cologne! I unpacked & sprayed it straight away. It was at that point that I was immediately assaulted by a synthetic baby powder scent.

******** KAPOW! ********

It was so strong & smelt nothing like Honeysuckle. I waited it out & luckily it turned into a nice powdery scent that lasted surprisingly well despite the experience of previous reviewers - quite a few hours. But. No. Honeysuckle.


Demeter's Honeysuckle is a nice fragrance, safe for work (if you don't spray too much) non obtrusive or offensive, maybe even comforting but NOTHING like Honeysuckle, no-sir-ee. I discovered that if you sniff the nozzle there is a tiny hint of flower, you could possibly even imagine it was Honeysuckle, but no, it's not there.

I may try another Demeter fragrance in the future if I'm up for another gamble, but not for a while!

If you're after a Honeysuckle fragrance, look elsewhere. If you like a baby powder scent (which Demeter also make - I wonder if that smells like Honeysuckle???) this is perfect.

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