Friday, 28 September 2012

My first Lucky Scent Order!

So I've been hearing a lot about Lucky Scent perfume samples & decided to take the plunge & order a few!

I have to say, at $4/$3 per sample, cost per ml is quite high (the average is $2 or $3/ml) however I've been eyeing a few niche fragrances lately. I've been quite lucky with my blind buys over the years however I realised that I really need to be sampling niche perfumes first otherwise it could be a costly experience!

The ordering process with Lucky Scent was very easy - the only hard part was choosing what to get! I decided to start small, so here's what I got.

Montale - Sweet Oriental Dream
Montale - Velvet Flowers
Montale - Vanilla Extasy
IL PROFUMO - Chocolat

Looking forward to trying these samples.

Update: 2nd October -
My order has been despatched.

Update: 16th October -
I've received my samples! Woohoo! I couldn't help but try one of them - it was hard to choose however I now have Vanilla Extasy on my wrists right now. Woohoo! I really like the vials - they're easy to open & marked well with a printed sticker.

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