Monday, 4 March 2013

Sugar Cookie by Big Dog Candles

My "made to order" Sugar Cookie travel candle!
This review is a departure from perfumes but I'm sure  that anyone who loves fragrances can appreciate the scent of a beautiful candle. Here's one of my favourites.

I stumbled across Big Dog Candles a couple of years ago ago whilst roaming around Narrabeen Village Markets.

I smelt something pretty all of a sudden & like a perfume bloodhound - followed my nose. I saw the stall & the array of coloured candles with very enticing names.

Since then I've bought a few each visit & have a little collection.

Big Dog Candles are made from 100% soy wax. I don't know a lot about soy candles but apparently they are 1) eco friendly 2) burn evenly 3) don't create as much smoke or soot as an ordinary beeswax candle.

One of my favourite BDC's is Sugar Cookie. I told them about my infatuation with vanilla (I already have their vanilla candle Mr Bean) & they said that I had to smell their new melt, they also had the same scent in a huge candle. Well, from first sniff I was instantly hooked. Sugar Cookie is........


I was so tempted to buy the candle however as I am a woman of many tastes I just couldn't commit to that big candle. I didn't want the melt as I can't find my melt/oil burner.

The friendly stall holders (and candle makers) Mick & Steve understood my dilemma & offered to make a travel tin version to be ready for pick-up at the next monthly market. YES! I said instantly.

The rest is history.

About Sugar Cookie

How can I describe Sugar Cookie? Fresh baked cookies straight from the oven, a little doughy, dripping with sugar, a bit of butter & oozing vanilla. This candle smells so good that you'll want to EAT the whole tin. Sugar Cookie is certainly a crowd pleaser & you won't want to stop smelling it - lit or unlit. The colour is a gorgeous doughy beige mixed with brown swirls.

Burning Time & Sillage/Throw

I have a few candles so I'm not sure that I will get through Sugar Cookie too quickly (if it was my only one it would be finished right now!), but it tends to be one that I grab most frequently. All up so far I've probably used it for about 4 hours & it's still going strong.

Sillage (or "throw" in the candle scent world) is amazing. The whole house smells delicious & although it's dripping with sugar it's never overpowering or nauseating. To me anyway.


I bought the travel tin (pictured above) in a 3 pack deal for $25. I think they're $10 each, but my philosophy is why get 1 when you can get 3? Believe me, it's hard to choose 3, but impossible to just choose 1.

Sugar Cookie's usual form is in the Melt format, however I don't have a burner which is why I got the tin made to order. I quite like the tins - they look pretty sleek & stack very easily as they're compact.

Would I buy Sugar Cookie again?

YES YES YES. {Insert When Harry Met Sally table hits here}

My rating: 9.9/10

I definitely recommend that you check out the Big Dog Candle stall, even if you have to go out of your way.

They are usually at Narrabeen Village Markets (beside Narrabeen Lake) in Sydney on the 3rd Sunday of each month, however they also seem to travel to other areas of NSW occasionally too, such as Penrith & Maitland & have recently opened a branch in New Zealand.

They're really good at keeping people updated, so see their Facebook page for updates on their location.

PS: I have no affiliation with this company, I just love their candles to bits.

Link: Visit the BDC Website: Big Dog Candles.

Would you like to see more reviews on the other Big Dog Candles that I own? Let me know!

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