Wednesday, 27 November 2013

4th Lucky Scent Sample Order

It's been over a year since I ordered from Lucky Scent - I can't believe it!

So, my SO (significant other) was feeling generous when I asked him if he would buy me some samples (woohoo) so I decided to order a few scents & include a couple of controversial perfumes that I have been wanting to try for a while.

Here's what I ordered;

BLOOD Concept - O
Montale - Intense Cafe
Montale - Dark Purple
Etat Libre d’Orange - Tilda Swinton Like This
Etat Libre d’Orange - Secretions Magnifiques
Etat Libre d’Orange - Putain des Palaces
Etat Libre d’Orange - Don't Get Me Wrong Baby, I Don't Swallow
Etat Libre d’Orange - Jasmin et Cigarette
L’Artisan Parfumeur - Al Oudh


The cost of the above order comes to $31US + $8US shipping. All in all, about $40AU.


Can't wait to try them. I've been collecting some L'Artisan Pafumeur scents lately but have never tried Al Oudh.

Blood Concept O sounds quite interesting - a perfume that smells like blood? On a similar theme the notorious Secretions Magnifiques (blood sweat & semen?) & Putain des Palaces (Hotel Whore) are scents that have intrigued me with their controversial descriptions. I have to try them for the novelty factor.

Don't Get Me Wrong Baby, I Don't Swallow seems to be controversial in name only & the rest seem relatively tame compared.

Should I film my first impressions????? :D

10/1: Still haven't received my order.... gave it a few more weeks than I would have because of Christmas (I thought it might be caught up in Xmas mail) but I think I really should have received this by now. :(

18/1: Still nothing, no reply to my email sent last week... Sending another one....

24/1: I still haven't received my Luckyscent order. I just sent my 3rd email to them (ive sent 1 per week since 10/1) - not one reply.
1/2: Still no reply..... 4th email sent. Getting very very annoyed..

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