Sunday, 23 February 2014

Very Disappointed with Luckyscent - Order Not Received & No answer to 4 emails :(

It is with extreme sadness that I write this post. :( I loved Luckyscent & recommended them to everyone I could. But now, well. Read on.

You may remember my excited post in regards to my 4th Luckyscent order. The order was an early bonus Christmas gift from my significant other (SO), who told me to get a few samples. He never says that!

So of course I jumped right onto the Luckyscent site before he changed his mind! :-) Excitedly, I ordered some scents that I had been very curious about, such as Etat Libre d’Orange's Secretions Magnifiques

Well, I still haven't received my November sample order, and have found that they are ignoring my emails.

I have checked my email like a demon - nothing is in the spam filter. I am also still receiving newsletters from them. I keep ALL my emails - I have emails from 1999 on my computer. They have not replied so what else would that mean?


As I ordered in late November, when I had not received my order before Christmas I figured that the Christmas post was delayed & decided to be patient & wait a bit longer.

I sent an email to them in early January once I had received everything else that I had ordered in November & December, as I figured that they had shown up, so my Luckyscent order should have as well.

Still Not Here

Well, a week went by & no reply from Luckyscent. Hmmm strange, oh well I will send another. Same thing - no reply.

4 emails in I still had not received an email in early February.

I decided to have a bit of a break but here we are on the 23rd of February & I have not received a reply from Luckyscent.

Paypal Dispute?

No, I did not file a dispute with Paypal within the dispute time. The reasons is, well I didn't even think of it. I have always received my Luckyscent orders within 2 weeks or ordering. As I said above I figured that it was stuck in the Christmas mail. It never crossed my mind that I should file a dispute before the 45 day deadline. I didn't even think about this until my 2nd or 3rd email had not been responded to. Even then, I was reluctant to do so. I'd receive it right? I always had before.

I have in the last week or so filed a report with Paypal but it will do no good. I feel that they should know however.

Was it lost in the mail?

I did not opt to pay for tracking because I have never not received any packages -- from Luckyscent or otherwise. They have always arrived. Also, I had the package posted to my SO's workplace which gets many packages each day.

His work has a very reliable mail system & he received every other order he made, as well as all the orders I made in November & December 2013 - from cheap eBay items for small things like phone covers, stickers, tablet protectors - most of which came from cheap shops in China, to other perfumes from different vendors, jewellery, makeup, sunglasses etc. These items were mainly posted from outside Australia, from the UK, US & China.

Did Customs Get It?

No, he would have received a letter if customs had seized the package.

Was It Really Shipped?

One thing that's making me wonder is although they have marked my order as being sent
Luckyscent Order Page: Shipping Fee is in Red?
on the 23rd November, 2013 - the shipping portion of the order is in red. Red usually indicates that something is unpaid in most cases.

Does this mean my order was not actually shipped? Did their system not send it because it thought it was not fully paid?

My other orders do not have the shipping portion of the order in red. I received both of those within 2 weeks.

Social Media

I have just posted on the Luckyscent Facebook, and also tweeted them.

What Now?

I hope they will get in touch with me & rectify this awful situation.

I am very unhappy with the company I was excited about just a few months before.

Why aren't they replying to me? Is someone actually ignoring my emails?
Is anyone else in the same boat??????
I will let you know of the outcome!!!!

Update 25/2: LuckyScent have contacted me & are looking into the situation. Apparently they have looked at their emails & have not seen any correspondence from me at all? Very strange!
I am happy that they are addressing my concerns.


  1. That can sometimes be a pain when ordering perfumes over the mail, especially when the seller doesn't communicate. Hope it all works out!


  2. Thanks Lian!

    Yes, it stinks when you don't hear anything back. :( LuckyScent have contacted me after I posted to their Facebook page & are looking into it.

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