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How To Fix A Lush Solid Perfume (Pushed All The Way Out)

I love my Vanillary solid, but one annoying thing about it is that unlike a lipstick, you do not twist it to extend the product - you push it out.  Lush is known to use minimal packaging so I guess it's cheaper as well as being better for the environment, however once you push it out there's no way to push it back in - or so I thought!

I hope this helps other people who may have found themselves in the same predicament.... if this is you (and you have happened to find this page in a Google search panic) scroll down directly to the fix - you can read my discovery story later.... I know the panic you're feeling! I did the same thing but couldn't find anything - which is why I want to share my little Solid Perfume fix!

My First Vanillary Solid

I love Vanillary perfume & when I was given a Vanillary Solid I knew I would love it. (Un)fortunately the previous owner found that she was allergic to it after her skin reacted. Who could say no to a free Vanillary?


I'm a real germ-a-phobe so I never share my cosmetics - especially mascara, lipstick & eyeshadow (I know plenty of people who do & I think it's awful). I thought however that since the Solid was only used once it should be ok. But, to be on the safe side I wanted to disinfect the surface. Fussy I know, but that's just me!

So, I push out the stick of solid perfume as far as it goes. Can't be too careful right? I carefully wipe the top of the waxy solid with a tissue, & finish by spraying a fine mist of Isopropyl Alcohol on the product. I set it down to allow the alcohol to evaporate. Easy! Disinfection complete!

Oops... the Vanillary Solid won't go back in! :(

So, the alcohol evaporates & I'm left with a clean Vanillary Solid. Fantastic! I grab a tissue & start to push it back in &.... hang on.... instead of the solid moving into the tube it starts to soften with the heat of my fingers & smush the perfume. Uh oh! I stop before I break the Solid pausing to get another tissue, thinking it might shield the heat a bit.

I commence to push the solid down with the tissue & the same thing happens. Smush! I'm making it worse, turning the top into a mushroom! At this point I'm pretty unhappy & guess that my new Vanillary Solid may be a goner.

If only I had thought this might happen BEFORE I pushed the product all the way out.

So I sit it on the bench & decide to think this through.......... eventually a picture of a globe appears above my head & I run into the kitchen with my supposedly ruined Vanillary Solid.

How To Fix A Lush Solid Perfume (Pushed All The Way Out)
  • Get your extended Lush Solid Perfume. If you've pushed down with force & it's smushed, use a tissue to carefully mould the perfume back into a tube shape.
  • Put it in the freezer
  • Leave it in the freezer for about an hour
  • Your Solid will freeze & become hard for a short period of time.
  • Remove your Solid from the freezer.
  • Use a clean tissue to push the Solid back into the container. As it will be frozen it will slide down easily.
  • Before you screw the lid back on, put your solid in a clean, dry place for a few hours to give it a chance to "thaw". This will minimise condensation sticking around & let it dry thoroughly.
  • Once completely dry, put the lid back on, & put it away!

I guess I should say, follow these instructions at your own risk. I didn't pay for my Solid so I was willing to sacrifice it if the freezer method didn't work. The first "brainwave" I came up with was melting the product in the microwave in another container & let it set but heat is not a friend to perfume, hence why I elected to use the freezer method.

I've been using this Solid Perfume for months after putting it in the freezer. I have not seen ANY changes in the product after putting it in the freezer. The scent is exactly the same, as is the consistency. I am guessing that this would work for the other perfumes too. It worked for me so I hope it works for you too! If you're at your wits end what do you have to lose?

Lush Solid Perfume Tips:

    The screw on cap leaves very little room for the product, so make sure you only push the Solid out a a millimetre or two at most. This is enough to spread the product on your skin but not too much for it to smear itself all over the inside of the lid (quite annoying).
    Use your Lush Solid perfume on clean, moisturised skin. This will give you the cleanest notes & a scent that will last longer!
    Keep your Solid in a cool, dry & dark place to minimalise any chance of melting. It's a very fragile product!

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